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Trying Hard To Be Scouted And Join The Art Portal!

2010-05-13 20:34:25 by mhayaberry19491

HI!!! While you people are doing stuff, relaxing, having fun... I'm working with some of my ideas in making posts so somebody can scout me so I can join the Art Portal!

I wanna be as great as those people that are already scouted!

Sorry for shouting out there, I also shouted at my computer... sorry... computer


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2010-05-13 20:41:30

You need atleast 4 pieces of art in order to be scouted.

(Updated ) mhayaberry19491 responds:

Thanks or giving a tip! That will surely help me... Thanks again!


2010-05-13 21:27:40

well good luck to you.....unscouted limit is 20 pieces the only reason i have 23 is because i was scouted then me it's hell.....but feel free to check out my art. I'll also help you anyway i can. So send me a pm. Trust me i'll get back

mhayaberry19491 responds:

Thanks! You help me so much! I'll PM you when I have free time.


2010-05-13 22:37:37

LOL! you screamed at your computer?! ROFL! and oliver you do need 4 arts to be scouted! and i only have 2! 2!! 2!!!

mhayaberry19491 responds:

That's okay if you still have 2 arts... because we all will cheer for you no matter what! Oh, thanks for the comment!


2010-05-13 22:40:51

I forgot something!!! DON'T ASK TO GET SCOUTED!!! Or if someone scouts he or she will get PRUNED!! or just scouting ability! Pruned is more worse coz you'll get unscouted and the person who scouted who you will ALSO get unscouted... OK?

mhayaberry19491 responds:

I promise that I will not let myself and others get pruned! I PROMISE!!!


2010-06-21 09:47:11

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