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Hey! Hey! Hey!
My future art are comics!!! :3
Their subject is about a kid annoying her tutor and her nanny!

She says ridiculous stuff just to make her tutor or nanny quit the job, but her mom deosn't mind, her mom just keeps hiring and hiring tutors and nannies.


Well I have to face it, I'll sleep early, go to school and go home miserable, sleepy and dizzy again.
I'll just take these last weeks and days of summer slowly and steady.

At least I'll see my friends again.

Hey there guys, gals and artists, do you people think I should draw a maid girl art piece?

Just comment your answer if you want to, and then I'll just respond.

Hey, it's here! Two more art! I think I'm near to being scouted!
If you people will scout me...

I'm almost there!!!

New Art On The Way!

2010-05-18 23:23:38 by mhayaberry19491

My NEW art's almost here! School girl is going to be out later... or tomorrow... maybe...

Okay, just wait for it!!!

Yes!!! Yay!!! Woohoo!!! At last I finished my first Art now I'm working on my second art.

So everybody wait a little bit longer!

Hey there! I thought of characters to make when I start drawing!

My Future Characters are: Plushie Scissors, Plushie Chainsaw!

So wait until they come out... Thanks!

HI!!! While you people are doing stuff, relaxing, having fun... I'm working with some of my ideas in making posts so somebody can scout me so I can join the Art Portal!

I wanna be as great as those people that are already scouted!

Sorry for shouting out there, I also shouted at my computer... sorry... computer

Hi everybody! I'm a newbie as you can see in the subject, I'm very busy on thinking a portal I would want to be in. My progress..... no..... none.... that's why I need you people to comment what portal you want me to join... so just comment if you have ideas, okay? THANKS!!! =^_^=